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Business Savings

You can open a basic savings account with as little as $1.00. Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly. A summary of account earnings is provided on your bank statement.

Deposits may be made with a teller or at any of our ATOM 24-hour teller machines. Withdrawals may be made in person at our Main Office, White Rock Office, Santa Fe Office, or through any automatic teller machine where you see the Plus or Lynx symbol.

You can arrange to transfer funds between your savings account and your checking account using either DataBank or an automatic teller machine, or you can contact a Customer Service Representative.

Important Notice: Federal Regulation D limits checks and telephone, online, overdraft, and preauthorized transfers (including POS purchases, automatic and wire transfers) to six per statement period, with a maximum of three withdrawals by check, draft, POS or similar order.

Interest Rates

Call a LANB Loan Officer for the latest interest rates.