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LANB's Environmental Commitment

LANB is proud to be a part of sustainable development in northern New Mexico. We are invested in the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the communities we serve. As supporters of ecological sustainability, we understand that each individual and business must do their part to maintain our current quality of life.  

We believe that our success is directly linked to the sustainability of our communities and the natural environment. We also believe that actions speak louder than words, by establishing green initiatives within our organization we hope to do our part to create an even brighter future for our organization and the communities we serve. 

  • Special financing for "green" loans

    We have set aside $50 million for special financing for green commercial projects and $10 million for environmentally friendly consumer purchases. Learn more about our EcoSmart Loans.
  • Cerrillos Office built to Gold LEED Standards

    As supporters of ecological sustainability , we understand that effective energy management is important to the future profitability and sustainability of the communities we serve. As a sign of our commitment we built our newest office to Gold LEED Standards. Learn about the Cerrillos Office
  • Water Harvesting Systems

    When we built our Santa Fe Downtown office, we voluntarily installed a state of the art water harvesting system that will save over 100,000 gallons of water annually by capturing runoff and redistributing it to meet the needs of our facility.
  • Wind Power

    We became one of the first companies in New Mexico to join the PNM Sky Blue program that allows residents and businesses to subscribe to New Mexico wind power for up to 90% of their monthly kilowatt usage. We encourage you to take a look at
  • Hybrid Vehicles

    We own two hybrid-powered company vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and illustrate to our customers and staff the value we place on sustainability . We also offer special financing for hybrid vehicle purchases. Learn about our EcoSmart Consumer Loans.
  • eStatements

    Efforts in providing free electronic bank statements and other notices continue to make major reductions in our paper production and use. We welcome customers to take part in conserving paper and energy by signing up for eStatements
  • Support Green Programs

    In communities we serve, we have embraced support requests for Clean-Up Los Alamos and keep Santa Fe Beautiful with our dollars and commitment of staff time to make a difference in joining their inspirational mission.    







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Green Initiatives

We have reaffirmed our environmental commitment by building our newest office to Gold LEED Standards. View Santa Fe Cerrillos Office Gold LEED Standard green features.