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Learn how to make a bill payment, sign up for e-statements or make a stop payment online.
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How much does LANB charge for internet banking?
LANB offers Online Banking to all customers at no charge. Our Online Banking package includes bill pay, transfers and eStatements all free of charge. Go to Online Banking information.

How do I get a user name for Online Banking?
You can download a PDF from our website by selecting the "Sign up" link, and then selecting the "Download an Online Banking Application" link. Once you turn in your compete and signed Online Banking Login Application to one of our office locations we will provide you with:

  • A unique User ID
  • A temporary password

How do I change my password/security phrase?
Log into Online Banking and navigate to the Options page. From here, select either Password/Timeout Modify (to change the password) or Security Phrase Modify (to change the security phrase) and press GO

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Bill Pay

When should I use bill pay?
Online bill pay can help you manage your bills without having to worry about paper, checks or postage. It allows you to make payments online where you would normally send a check for payment (e.g. cell phone bills, utility payments). You also have the option to set up recurring bill payments, so that your bills are always paid on time.


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How does LANB protect my accounts from online fraud?
Your LANB online banking account is protected by a few different authentications including a security phrase. You may be prompted for your Security Phrase anytime Online Banking identifies activity that warrants additional security concern. (Example: when an Online Banking action transfers funds out of your ownership). Get more information about our online security.

How do I select a secure password?

  • Use a combination of numbers and letters in your password.
  • Use a combination of upper and lowercase (i.e., iSdIMs).
  • Combine the first letters of each word of a phrase with numbers to create a password. For example: start with a phrase such as "I sure do love my 7 year old dog". This can turn into a password like "IsdLm7yod". This password is much more difficult to crack.
  • To make a secure password that is easy to remember, start with a phrase of 5 to 9 words.
  • Do not start your password with a number
  • Do not use a common keyboard shortcut (i.e. ASDFG or QWERTY)
  • Other password tips.


How secure is the Internet for banking?
Let's compare financial transactions on the Internet with common non-electronic financial transactions. For example, you probably often write a check at a store or to pay a bill. Consider the information printed on your check that is easily read by anyone processing that check --- your name, address, phone number, bank name and account number, and perhaps your driver's license number or social security number. In contrast to this printed information which anyone can read, the information that travels across the Internet using a secure web banking system like ours, is encrypted (scrambled) according to a complex mathematical algorithm. To unscramble the data, someone would have to have both the ability to "crack" this algorithm plus many, many hours of computing time on a super-computer. While this is not impossible, it is not very likely that someone with these resources would concentrate this effort on individual consumer accounts. 

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Financial Software

Does LANB Online Banking interface with financial software?
We offer downloading capabilities from your LANB accounts to both Money and Quicken. Contact our Electronic Banking Center for questions and details at (505) 662-5171.

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