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Lockbox Service

Organize and streamline the collection and processing of your receivables with LANB's convenient Lockbox service. Lockbox reduces operating expenses by cutting down on paper usage, trips to the bank and time taken to manually post transactions.

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To inquire about or to sign up for any of our Business Services call us at (505) 662-5171 and ask for our Electronic Banking Center.

Lockbox benefits:

  • Convenient no hassle accounting
  • Online images of deposited checks via secure website
  • Reduced float time
  • Expedited collection and processing of your receivables
  • Next day availability of deposited funds

Both Retail and Wholesale Lockbox services are available. To find out more about these products contact LANB at 662-5171 or email us at

Retail Lockbox
Retail lockboxes are used for consumer-oriented payments accompanied by a payment stub or coupon, such as a credit card or utility payment. Payments sent to retail lockbox generally are high volume / low dollar.

Wholesale Lockbox
Wholesale lockboxes accept business-to-business payments that are typically low volume / high dollar. Wholesale lockbox is not typically accompanied by a payment coupon.

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