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Troubleshooting Help (Pop Ups)

Blocking and Accepting Pop-up Windows
If you have popup blocker(s) installed/enable you will need to either disable them or set the to allow pop-ups from

Internet Explorer

  • Tools >
  • Internet Options >
  • Privacy Tab >
  • Select the option Block pop-ups>
  • If you want to allow pop-ups from specific web sites:
    • Click on the Settings button.
    • To allow pop-ups from LANB enter .
    • Click Add to Allow Pop Ups.


  • Tools >
  • Options >
  • Content Tab >
  • Choose Exceptions... to the right of "Block pop-up windows"
  • Allow


  • Select Block Pop-Up Windows from the Safari menu.
  • To allow pop-up windows when you're visiting a specific web site, just select Block Pop-Up Windows from the Safari menu again so that a check mark no longer appears next to it.