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At Los Alamos National Bank online security is a high priority. We have taken some preventative measures to keep your funds safe and your account information private. For more information on how you can better protect your personal and financial information see our online security tips.

  • General Authentication: As an Online Banking customer, you will enter your user ID on the bank's home page and submit it without your password. LANB will return a page that discloses your last 3 log in dates and times. If you believe a log in date we are showing to be invalid you should not enter your password and contact LANB immediately. If you believe the log in dates we have shown are correct enter your password and continue into Online Banking. Learn about creating strong passwords
  • Security Phrase: Online Banking requires a Security Phrase that is used as an additional layer of security. This Security Phrase must be different than your log in password and must not match any of your previous passwords. Your Security Phrase can be 8 to 255 characters and will be entered via a virtual keyboard presented on your computer screen. You will be notified of this requirement when logging into Online Banking and will have a number of days to establish your Security Phrase. The use of a "on screen" keyboard rather than your computer keyboard provides added security from a known hacking method called keystroke logging. You may be prompted for your Security Phrase anytime Online Banking identifies activity that warrants additional security concern. (Example: when an Online Banking action transfers funds out of your ownership).
  • E-mail Address Contact: After entering Online Banking you will now see the current e-mail address we have on record for you. You will be able to edit this in case your e-mail address is not correct or has changed. We do not share you personal information with any third parties and could use this method to contact you concerning activity or notifications you have requested in Online Banking. See our Privacy Policy.
  • Security Token: (offered through our eChecking Account) - For additional security, eChecking clients are eligible for a free security token. This device protects your accounts and passwords by providing a unique security code, in addition to your user name and password, to access your online accounts. The security token generates a series of numbers unique to you every time you log in to Online Banking.



We understand that the security of your personal and account information is important to you, that's why we have taken a number of security measures to insure confidentiality of your information. Learn more.


The Winter 2009/2010 issue of FDIC Consumer News, published by the FDIC contains ten ways to protect against theft and errors online regarding online banking, bill paying and shopping.