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Introducing the New LANB Bill Pay

LANB's new Bill Pay saves you both time and money with no costs to you. Bill pay allows you to make payments to any company, entity or person who you would normally send a check (with a U.S. mailing address). The payment can be a disbursement of any type - it does not have to be a bill. Now, with the new Electronic Bill Pay module within Online Banking you can send Electronic (faster) or regular Mailed payments.

Why should I use bill pay?

  • Pay Faster. Electronic payments usual take less than 3 days.
  • Streamline your payment process: bills can be paid from any of your checking accounts
  • Allows you to pay anyone that you would normally pay by check
  • LANB's bill pay is free for you.
  • See histories of all of your past payments
  • Set up reccurring payments
  • More Bill Pay Information

*There is a brief period each business day, during which we perform internal processing on all bill payments.  During this period, you can view your bill payments, but you cannot add, modify, or delete them. 

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It's the easiest way to pay your bills. Learn how to set up your own bill payment.

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