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To purchase TCC Stock contact the TCC Stock Representative: (505) 662-1099 or email at

General TCC Stock Information

  • Trinity Capital Corporation Common Stock is publically traded but is not listed on any exchange.
  • TCC acts as a transfer agent for the sale and purchase of its stock.
  • As a common stock, shareholders vote, by proxy or in person, for the election of the company's board of directors and any other matters that require a shareholder vote.
  • Attendees to our annual shareholder's meeting held each spring must be shareholders.
  • Historically, dividends have been paid biannually, additional information on the amount can be found on our dividends paid page.

TCC acts as Transfer Agent completely free of charge--there are no commissions or hidden fees. Shares can be purchased privately from one shareholder to the other, but the transfer of shares must be done by the TCC Stock Representative. Shares may be issued personally, jointly in the name of a trust, or in the name of a company. Should shares be issued in the name of a trust or a company, extra documentation (trust agreement or company agreements) is needed before issuance. TCC Stock does not offer an auto-reinvestment plan; however, dividends may be directly deposited into an account at LANB.

TCC offers a free services called "Safekeeping" where TCC issues physical certificates that allow shareholders to house their certificates in a secured area at LANB. The shareholder receives a copy of their original certificate and a receipt stating that the original is held in Safekeeping. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of TCC Stock, please contact the TCC Stock Representative at (505) 662-1099.

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