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How to make a bill payment

With a few simple steps you can pay your bills without having to write a check or make a trip to the post office.

  • Log into Online Banking navigate to the Bill Pay page to enter in a new Bill Payment. 
  • Step 1 is to create the Payee to send your payments to. Clicking the “Add Payee” button opens the Add Payee Wizard which walks you through the steps of creating a new Payee. When you are adding a new Payee you have the option of adding a payment immediately or you can choose the payee form the Payees Summary page and the “Add a “Payment”.
  • Step 2 is to create the payment to the payee. Choose in the payee's name from the dropdown list (If not chosen for you), amount, check memo and set up a payment due date.  
  • Select the frequency with which the payment will be sent out. You have the choice to designate the payment as a fixed amount or a variable amount (if this is a variable amount, the amount field will change to zero after a payment is sent, so you will need to log in after each payment to set the new payment amount). Set up a recurring bill payment

The new Bill Pay was created in order to send “Electronic” checks as well as “Mailed” checks. This means that some of your payees may be accepting electronic payments which will take place with 1 to 3 days. Any “Electronic” payment (A payment going to a payee that accepts payments electronically) will be taken out of your account within 24 hours of sending the payment. Any “Mailed” payments will be a check written on your accounts and mailed through the Postal Service which will hit your account as any other check sent via mail. 

Set Up Future Bill Payments
Pay a bill pay early, or to compensate for payments that are not arriving in time to avoid late charges, you can specify a due date that is earlier than the actual due date. If you do not have sufficient funds in the designated account on the day prior to the payment due date, we will not be obligated to make the payment. If a “Mailed” Bill Payment causes your account to be overdrawn, applicable NSF fees will apply, and other NSF checks may be returned. We may revoke your Online Banking privileges without notice if you attempt to make payments without sufficient funds in your account. To make a payment on any LANB loan (LANB credit card, mortgage, consumer loan, commercial loan, or ABC loan), please use the Transfer feature instead of Bill Payment.

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