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Password Tips

When you sign up for Online Banking your Password is randomly selected by the computer and mailed to you, without anyone knowing it. This password is encrypted in the database, and you are required to change it upon your first session in Online Banking. From that point on, you can change your password as often as you like. Remember: You should never give your password to anyone, including LANB employees.

Select a strong password that is easy for you to remember, but very difficult for someone else to guess. When selecting a password:

    • Do not use your name, User Id, variation of your name (i.e. your name spelled backwards), nickname, spouse, child's name, pet's name, favorite football team, literary character, type of car, favorite sport, etc. These can be easily guessed by asking you a few questions or knowing a little about you.
    • Do not use common words in the dictionary.
    • Do not use an alphabetic or numeric series, either backwards or forwards (i.e. ABC, GFEDCBA, 1234 or 7654).
    • Do not use a string of identical letters or numbers (i.e. AAA or 111).

Creating Strong Passwords

1.  Use a combination of numbers and letters in your password including a combination of upper and lowercase (i.e., iSDIMS)

    • Combine the first letters of each word of a phrase with numbers to create a password. For example: start with a phrase such as "I sure do love my 7 year old dog". This can turn into a password like "IsdLm7yod". This password is much more difficult to crack.
    • To make a secure password that is easy to remember, start with a phrase of 5 to 9 words.
    • Do not use a common keyboard shortcut (i.e. ASDFG or QWERTY)

2.  Do not start your password with a number

3.  Use different passwords for each account you have.

4.   Change your passwords at regular intervals.

5.   Never write your passwords down.

6.   Never accept the browser option to save your password.

7.   Be sure to log out and close your browser when you leave the computer.

Your secure Online Banking session cannot be interrupted once it is initiated. Your session will automatically terminate if you are not using the system after a certain time period. You may set the time period for this termination within Online Banking. In addition, we have upgraded our systems to include state-of-the-art firewalls and encryption levels. If you have further questions about password creation or online security, contact us at

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