Giving Back

Los Alamos National Bank takes pride in providing monetary donations to many organizations and individuals which provide a benefit to the health and well-being of the communities we serve.  When deciding on whether to approve a particular funding request, we measure the request against our mission statement and ask ourselves: will our funds help to exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and investors?  Our primary focus for funding is in the areas of youth, education, art/culture, health and human services, and economic development.

Areas of Support

Children, Youth, and Families

LANB believes that children, youth, and families are the heart of the communities we serve.  We promote organizations that give a voice to our children and youth and foster strong family networks.


LANB provides assistance both financially and through time invested to schools, classrooms, and innovative outreach programs.  By contributing to education we help build thoughtful, healthy communities. 

Economic Development

LANB supports nonprofit organizations that support projects and initiatives that align with our mission.  We support organizations that focus on economic development in low-to-moderate income levels or geographies.

Corporate Sponsorship

LANB contributes to numerous community events, projects and organizations that demonstrate the desire to create a positive impact on our local communities.  We are proud to put our name behind organizations with shared values.  We make every effort to support corporations committed to the economic development of New Mexico.


LANB is proud to support our employees who seek to engage in the community.  We encourage our staff to serve in leadership roles and in positions within non-profit organizations and promote engagement with organizations and projects that are important to them.