Commercial Real Estate

    • Commercial Real Estate: From office buildings to apartment complexes and residential rental properties we provide a fast and simple streamline approach to financing your business real estate.
    • Land Development: Planning on developing a subdivision into sellable individual lots?  From adding water, gas, sewer, and electric access (infrastructure) for the entire subdivision until the time the land is divided into individual lots, we provide an efficient and easy approach to finance your project.
    • Commercial Construction: Commercial Construction loans finance construction for a commercial purpose.  This includes construction of residential spec homes and commercial property.
    • Letters of Credit: A Letter of Credit guarantees funds from you to an entity that you do business with and are obligated to pay, as well as, guarantee performance on a construction project, or payment for goods furnished on the credit of LANB.

Two Irrevocable Letter of Credit options available:

    • Performance:  A Performance Letter of Credit is issued to ensure to the beneficiary (often city or county government) that funds are available for work to  be completed as contracted.
    • Financial: A Financial Letter of Credit is issued to facilitate payments related to a commercial transaction involving shipment of goods.