Retirement Plans for Businesses


Funding your IRA or starting one, prior to April 15th means tax advantages. If you’re considering a Roth or Traditional IRA, give us a call, and we’ll show you how.  Invest in your tomorrow.  View current rates.

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Come into any of our office locations to open a retirement account or contact us for more information about customized retirement solutions.  


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Other savings solutions:

Savings Account*: An LANB Savings Account is a great place to start or continue building your financial future. With your money in savings your money earns a high rate and is always available to you to meet unexpected expenditures should they arise.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs): A Certificate of Deposit allows you to earn interest on your investment for a specified amount of time at a fixed or variable interest rate. The minimum deposit for a CD is $500. Los Alamos National Bank offers short-term CDs for as few as 90 days and long-term CDs for any term up to 5 years.