eBanking for Businesses

Let us save your business time.

Business eBanking is LANB’s web banking service and is the most convenient way to bank, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From ACH origination to viewing check images, with a business login, you can manage all of your LANB accounts from anywhere – instantly, securely and at no charge.

Businesses eBanking offers:

  • Account Information: up-to-the-minute information, including check activity, deposits, withdrawals and purchases.
  • ACH Origination: bill your customers directly or originate your direct deposit of payroll.
  • Notifications: receive email alerts each day notifying you of specific account conditions.
  • Secure File Transfers: safely send and receive documents and computer files right from the bank.
  • Wire Transfers: originate domestic and international wire transfers online.
  • Change Orders: place orders for currency and coin for later pickup at the bank.
  • Tax Payments: tax payments by wire transfer.
  • Downloads: download account transactions directly into Intuit Quicken or Quickbooks.
  • Dual Control: manage risk and increase the accuracy of your transfers.

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