LANB's disbursements service saves you both time and money. Disbursements will allow you to make payments to vendors or anyone who you would normally send a check to with a mailing address in the United States. The payment can be a disbursement of any type - it does not have to be an invoice. Disbursements are another way that LANB is creating a better way for you.

Quick Pay is a part of the disbursements screen in our online banking that allows you to update your monthly bills in just a few seconds by changing the amount and date for payment in an all in one process and confirmation. You will not be asked a Pass-Phrase when you only change the date or amount of an established Disbursement.

Why should I use Disbursements?

  • Streamline your payment process: invoices can be paid from any of your checking accounts
  • Allows you to pay anyone that you would normally pay by check
  • LANB's disbursements is free for you. We'll cover the cost of the check, envelope and postage.
  • See histories of all of your past payments
  • Set up recurring payments

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