Merchant Processing

As part of our comprehensive package of products tailored for our business customers, LANB offers specialized merchant bankcard processing and transaction services.

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To inquire about or to sign up for any of our Business Services call us at (505) 662-5171 and ask for our Electronic Banking Center.

*Merchant Processing features:

  • Flexible processing methods with competitive pricing.
  • Deposits post to your account two business days after settlement. 
  • Comprehensive reporting sent monthly or available 24 hours a day online
  • Reliable and efficient support services
  • Wide selection of products to enhance customer service
  • 24/7 Merchant Help Desk: call us at 505-662-5171 during office hours or 800-683-2289 after hours for help.
  • All customers that sign up for merchant processing will receive an account to the My Merchant Data website where you can check daily batch amounts and check statements at constitutes leaving the lanb website

Contact us at 505-662-5171 to see if merchant processing will work for your business. 

*A LANB Checking or Savings account is required to sign up for merchant processing.

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