Positive Pay

Checks and balances to protect your business. Positive Pay can help protect your business against fraudulent checks, saving you time, money and giving you greater peace of mind.

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Postive Pay Features

  • Prevent check fraud by using digital confirmation of multiple check descriptors
  • If a fraudulent check is found we will send automatic online notification
  • Ability to view an image of the exception item
  • No fee for this service

How Positive Pay works:

Issued checks will be required to match: 

  • Account Number
  • Check Number
  • Dollar Amount
  • Payee Name

All four components of the check must match exactly or the check will not get paid, unless approved by you.

As checks are issued, upload a file of issued checks to LANB via Business eBanking. When checks are presented for payment at LANB, they are compared to the issued checks list. If a check is presented that does not have a match in the file, we will notify you via Business eBanking , if you have established an alert. LANB will either pay or return the check per your instructions.

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