Welcome to our new Internal Banking System!  Thank you for your patience during our system upgrade.  The new system provides improved digital banking capabilities and online banking functions. LANB invites you to utilize this web page as a resource for up-to-date information regarding our new Internal Banking System. 

Explore our System Upgrade FAQs.

If you encounter an inaccurate phone number display during enrollment:

If you see verification phone numbers that you do not recognize, this most likely indicates that the User ID or Password entered on the previous page was incorrect.  This is a cyber security feature designed to protect your account information from unauthorized parties.  

Please attempt to log in again using your correct User ID and Password.  Remember that your User ID and Password are case sensitive.  If you continue to experience issues when logging in, please call customer support at: 

Example of Display:

phone numbers2


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To view this video in a larger screen click here.