Other LANB Foreign Services

  • Foreign-currency Letter of Credit: LANB can provide you with a foreign-currency letter of credit for purchasing goods from a foreign country (upon credit approval). Consult an LANB Commercial Loan Officer for details.
  • LANB VISA® or MasterCard®: While you are traveling abroad, you can pay for merchandise with your LANB VISA® or MasterCard®. Please note VISA® and MasterCard® charges a Currency Exchange Fee for this service.
  • LANB Check Card: You can also use your LANB Check Card to pay for merchandise wherever VISA® cards are accepted. Funds drawn on your LANB Check Card will be deducted directly from your checking account. Exchange rates on the day that you use your card will prevail. VISA® also charges a 1% fee per transaction.

  • eBanking: While traveling, remember that if you want to access eBanking, you will not be able to use an unverified computer or device without going through the phone security authentication process.  Personal laptops, tablets or smartphones that you have previously verified in the United States can be used abroad. Just remember, we do not recommend using an open (no password required) wireless portal.
  • Foreign  ATM Service: Using your ATM card to withdraw cash at foreign ATMs can save you money by letting you take advantage of the favorable exchange rates offered by ATMs. Cash withdrawals are dispensed in local currency, and are debited from your account in dollars, eliminating additional currency conversion fees and commissions.

    LANB will charge a fee for each transaction conducted through a Non-LANB ATM. The financial institution that operates the ATM may charge an additional fee, which should be disclosed to you at the time of the transaction. Please note VISA charges a Currency Exchange Fee for this service.

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