Foreign Currency

LANB offers a full set of financial services to help you maximize your business opportunities in today's global economy. Our services include:

Foreign Currency Exchange 

  • There is a fee for this service. Customers can obtain a fee schedule upon request. 


  • There is a fee for this service. Customers can obtain a fee schedule upon request. 

Benefits of using LANB for your Foreign Currency needs:

  • International Services available at all of our offices
  • Our fees are competitive and often save you money
  • Foreign transactions handled quickly and in a professional manner

We do not take currency order over the phone, but you can check for currency availability by calling (505) 662-5171. Although we keep most popular currencies on hand, you should allow up to one week for your currency, in case it has to be ordered. Exotic or special currencies could take up to a week.

The Foreign Currency Rates are subject to change without prior notice.