Online Banking Bill Pay

quickpay Integrated Quick Pay

Schedule payments for all of your bills without leaving the main page. Payments can be scheduled ahead of time or can be sent the same day (the cutoff time to send your payment on the same day is 11:59am MST).

Separation of Payments and Payees

Need to schedule an extra payment to one of your regular payees? It’s easy. Just select the payee and schedule an additional one-time payment without disturbing your recurring payment.

icon Faster Payments

Many more payees will be paid electronically, giving you peace of mind that a payment will be received and processed quickly. Want to send a Bill Payment to a person or business that does not accept electronic payments? We’ll mail a check for you on the date you specify and cover the postage.

You Tell Us

You tell us when to send your payment and we’ll make sure it is sent in the most expedient manner possible. If we can send it electronically, your account will be charged that day. If we need to mail the payment, we’ll wait until the check clears to charge your account. If the date falls on a weekend or holiday, we’ll send the payment out on the prior business day.