Security Tips and Information

Online Banking is banking over the Internet. It's the simplest, most convenient way to bank, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With Online Banking, you can manage all of your LANB accounts from anywhere.  Unfortunately, there are people interested in this information. Understanding the different types of threats and taking preventative measures can help to keep you and your sensitive information safe.

Phishing (pronounced "fishing") is the use of e-mail in an attempt to defraud the recipient. Example: an email appears to come from LANB or another trusted business, but is actually from a criminal. It may ask customers to verify personal information or contain links to fake websites that appear to be authentic. 
To reduce threat: Never click links within e-mails if you do not know the originator. LANB will never ask you to send passwords, login names, Social Security numbers, or other personal information through e-mail. .  LANB will never send an email including a link to a login page.

Pharming (Pronounced "farming") is the practice of redirecting Internet users to a counterfeit website, even when they enter the correct address. Users end up at fraudulent sites by having spyware or a virus on their computer, or due to the use of other sophisticated tricks by hackers. These bogus sites often look real, but secretly collect any personal information and passwords entered. It can also take the form of counterfeit pop-up windows that appear as legitimate websites.
To reduce threat: Before inputting any personal information, be sure you've established a secure connection with the intended website. (You'll see "https" in the web address.)

Spyware is potentially malicious software that is installed secretly and runs undetected on your computer. It may monitor your use of the Internet and interfere with your control of your computer and web browser. In some cases, spyware may allow thieves remote access to your system or its information.
To reduce threat: Installing anti-spyware software can reduce this threat.

A virus is a malicious program that can copy and embed itself into other programs on your computer, potentially causing damage to your files.  Viruses often infect computers through e-mail attachments, but can also come from CDs, websites and downloaded files.
To reduce threat: Installing antivirus software can reduce this threat.


We understand that the security of your personal and account information is important to you, that's why we have taken a number of security measures to insure confidentiality of your information. Learn more.