Marisa Ornelas

Investment Advisor

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After nearly four years in the financial services industry, Marisa understands the importance of a trustworthy and knowledgeable advisor and seeks to strengthen her client relationships through a customized, client-driven method of financial planning. Marisa believes that helping clients attain financial security is a fundamental step in feeling secure overall in one's life.  Although Marisa found employment in the financial services industry in an indirect manner, after earning degrees in Political Science and Environmental Studies at Santa Clara University, the ability to help clients as they move through life has drawn her to the financial planning industry.  Marisa finds the financial services industry to be an evolving and interesting area where she can continue to learn on an ongoing basis while making a difference in her client's lives.  While the financial services industry has been historically a male dominated field, Marisa is inspired by recent changes in the industry where more women are filling advisor roles. Marisa's goal is to be an adviser that empowers her clients to reach their financial goals and serves as a trusted resource throughout life's stages.